Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Websites / Organizations / Apps

Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.
There are probably hundreds of applications and websites out there that I don't know about, so I am looking forward to read everyone's post.  I will do my best to get to ten, so here we go:

1. Goodreads - I love this website and I have been using it longer than I have been blogging.  It is a great way to keep track of the books you have read and the ones you want to read.  Other features include 'listopia', and hundreds of giveaways.
2. BookSwim - This website allows you to rent books 'Netfix style'
3. Kindle App - As you might know I own a Kindle and I love that it syncs to my Kindle App in my HTC phone.  With is app you can read in either device and find your place.
4. Borders App - My sister has an iPhone and she loves this app.  It looks like a bookshelf full of books.
5. Bookperk  - This website its exactly what it sounds like.  It has offers for book related items that you can offer to buy.
6. NetGalley - You can download free books to different devices if you are a blogger or a librarian from this website.  Read carefully on how the publishers approve your request before you sign in.  For example, I can't request any books right now because I haven't been blogging for six months or more (I will be soon, right? :)
7. Twitter -  A great way to keep us with the bookish world, author, new books, interviews, book signings, and giveaways.  I created my account when I started my blog and I love it!
8.  Free Book Friday -  You like free, right?  This website has book giveaways every Friday.

9. Free Kindle Books and Tips - I check this website regularly for free books, also can find the answer to any question you might have about your Kindle here.
10. Amazon - I visit Amazon's website very often to buy books for a lot less than stores and to buy and browse Kindle books.

Can't believe I made it to ten!  What's on your list?

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  1. I have the Kindle app but have never used it as I can't imagine reading a book on my iPhone...though why on earth did I download it in the first place?! I do like whispersync though.


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