Friday, December 2, 2011

Review: Green Witch by Alice Hoffman (Green Angel #2)

Title: Green Witch by Alice Hoffman
Published: March 1st 2010 by Scholastic Press
Source: Library
Grade Rate: A

In this powerful, lovely sequel to GREEN ANGEL, Green must learn the stories of a number of "witches" and free her true soul mate from a prison as she grapples with life, love, and loss in a post-disaster world.

My Review

Green Angel (see my review here) is a short book full of prose and pain and self-discovery and I was looking forward to the sequel as soon as I finished it.  Green Witch was not a disappointment.
Green Witch starts were the first book ended and it has to do with renewal, hope and the faith that something better will come.  It explains better the tragedy that happened in the first book (I was never quite clear on what happened, only that it involved a fire) and it made better sense to me now.  Green is such a lovely character.  She is honest to a fault and thought to be a witch by the villagers, just because she is different. 
In this book we get to visit some of the same characters and we get introduced to others.  The “enchanted” or “witches” are women with a tales of tragedy that changed their lives in a permanent way.  They learned to cope with their loss and pain the only way they knew how.  Green tells their story.  She becomes a writer and a scribe for everyone that has a story to tell, I loved that she was able to provide some closure to these people that were forever changed by loss.
I also enjoyed that we get to see Diamond and that the story had a happy ending.  The writing is flawless, lyrical, whimsical, and full of feeling.  I loved both books.
About the cover – The Green Witch is beautiful in the inside as well as the outside.

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