Saturday, March 10, 2012

Discussion: Do you have a Linky Follower Account?

As you can see I have a Google Friend Connect widget and also a Networked Blogs widget to gather followers for my blog.  I love GFC because I can view the blogs I follow and it makes it very easy to review updates, make comments and so on.  With GFC going away for non-Blogger users I created a Networked Blogs account (which basically uses my Facebook account), but is not as user friendly as GFC.

I also provide ways to follow by email and in Goodreads, so the questions is:  What about the new Linky widget I've seen around lately?  Do you think is worth it to create an account and yet another way to follow Reading with ABC

 I would love to hear from those of you who have it!


  1. I think creating a Linky account is excellent. It seems to look very similar to Google Reader, but maybe not quite as friendly. It does give your readers options which you want them to be able to choose.

  2. I use GFC on my blog and haven't set up the Linky box on my page because I know how to use GFC and use it to go back to blogs that I follow. I know some people can't have GFC on their blogs because they don't use blogspot. On those blogs I sign up to follow them via Linky.



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