Saturday, March 24, 2012

Discussion: How do you Select your Next Book to Buy?

First, let me start by saying that I miss Borders *insert sad face here* Now the closest bookstore to me is BAM, which is not bad, but I feel that Borders had better prices (maybe that's why they are not in business anymore!)  I do order from The Book Depository, but sometimes I want a new book NOW and their books take from 3-4 weeks to be delivered.

When I go to the bookstore I navigate to two areas: Sales and Teen.  Then, I hunt down books that I covet and can afford at the moment.  But another thing I love to do is look at new books, look at the covers, read synopsis, and look at what others are buying.  I have discovered great books this way that I might have not otherwise picked up.

Another approach is to look for more books from favorite authors (I think I've read anything written by certain authors, like Julia Quinn, Julie Garwood, Amanda Quick, Julia Kagawa and more).  Also, sometimes these books or authors have suggestions about other great reads.

I get a lot of Kindle books that are free or low cost, even if I don't have the time to read them all!  I 'judge' these by their Amazon rating or I look them up in Goodreads :)

How do you decide to what to buy?  Do you ask people at the bookstore?  Do you go for the prettiest cover? Do you have your own technique?


  1. I decide on how much I'd kill someone to get the book. :D Kidding, but I check out reviews, the summary, of course, and sometimes the release date in case I want to review it on my blog, and I try to buy at least ONE debut novel each time (because of the DAC 2012) I buy a book, but, of course, I don't always want to.

  2. I work at Barnes and Noble part time, so I always look at the new book shelves once a week at least. I also subscribe to Shelf Awareness and then check out other people's blogs for new ideas. Now, as to what I actually buy, well, it depends on if it is a book I know I really want. If it is one I'm just intrigued by, I might check it out from my store if it is in hardcover because we are allowed to do that. I have so many books sitting at home to read when I had extra money (and 3 jobs at the time) so I have to now restrict myself to only those I know I really want to own.

    1. I didn't know you were allowed to check out books! Maybe I should get a part-time too...

  3. I'm a big thrift shopper, so I'm bad about buying used books on a whim. But when I see something I've been dying for (Along with that "Someone gave this away already?!") I jump on it.
    For new things I always have ones that I 'really want' and others I'm just looking at. I base this on what appeals to me the most, what people have said, and against the reviews I find (both positive and negative).

    When buying new I'm very strict with myself. I only have a BAM near me and I rarely go in there. When I do, I almost only look at the sales, which is about half the store here but I don't find their selection poor and their prices too high. I'll spend a good hour finding something I want within my price range. I usually try to get a few at a time. (Last time I got 4 books for under $15, heck yes!)

    I'm really bad about my Kindle books. Oh man if there's free books I'm all over them. I have so many sitting around that I haven't read. (I check the 'daily free books' thread pretty often. It's a terrible addiction..)

    1. I hear ya! My closest bookstore is a BAM as well and their prizes are way to high.

      Oh! I forgot to mention that I try to check Walmart at least twice a month (20-25% less!)

    2. I'm not a huge fan of Walmart but their book section does have some good prices!

  4. I have an ongoing Excel spreadsheet with the details about books I want to read (author, genre, amazon rating, mini summary). I mostly read YA/MG, always on Kindle, and I try prioritize debut authors. All the rest of my recommendations I get from blogs I follow!

  5. I only buy books from bookstores if I have a coupon or if I'm in a used bookstore. Usually it has to be a book that I've heard some hype about or that I've had on my wishlist.

    I'm bad with e-books because if it's under 4.99 I'll just buy it and put it on a gift card


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