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Discussion: What's the Best Movie/Book Adaptation?

Have you seen The Hunger Games movie?  ‘A’ and I did the day it came out in the States and we loved it.  I have seen quite a few posts about the movie and how some, like me, really loved it and how some others were disappointed.   

I started thinking about other movie adaptations that I enjoyed and some that I didn’t.  So here is my list of best and worst. I limited the list to books I’ve read, please don’t hate me if I didn’t add Lord of the Rings, for example, since I haven’t read the books .  Please chime in with your nominations.


Harry Potter Series – Yes, there are some discrepancies between the books and the movies, but aren’t they grand?  When I saw the first movie I was amazed on how things looked exactly like I imagined, from Hagrid to Harry to the Tolls and Hogwarts, I loved it all!

Pride & Prejudice – I love the BBS adaptation (yes, the one with Colin Firth *swoon*)

New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn (Part I) – I love the Twilight Saga and couldn’t be more happy with these movies.  Yes, a little more action was added, but they are very similar to the books.

The Huger Games – Love it!  See above J

Percy Jackson and The Lighting Thief – I don’t even know where to start on this one!  I really like the series and this movie was just painful to watch.

Twilight – Now, don’t start screaming at the computer.  As you can see above I really love the Saga, but this movie is so different from the book that it’s a wonder that it did so well in the theater. 

The Spiderwick Chronicles – What on Earth was that?  I don’t even know if we read the same book!

The Opposite:

What I mean is that sometimes a movie turns out better than the book and I have one of these:  I Am Number Four – I like the movie better than the book (I still love the book though!)

What about you?  What are your favorite and your worst movie adaptations?


  1. You completely forgot Blood and Chocolate! That is what I compare all horrible adaptation to. Worst book to movie adaptation EVER.

    I personally don't mind the Percy Jackson one as much, although some of the changes to make my skin crawl. (All those changes made to the characters.)
    But I understand some of them were to movie the story along faster and to be entertaining to those new to the series.
    Also considering how much attention the second one is getting. I'm probably just making excuses, that's probably it..

  2. Eli is SO right. Blood and Chocolate was the worst! What made it even worse was how long I had been looking forward to it. Then it had absolutely nothing nothing nothing to do with the book. UGH. I couldn't believe they had the balls to even call it Blood and Chocolate.

    I also didn't particularly like Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The rest I LOVED though!

    1. I haven't seen the movie or read the book either! I take it the books was really good and the movie wasn't :(

    2. Blood and Chocolate is one of my favourite books (although I'd only give it 4 stars). The movie has nothing to do with the story. They took the idea, werewolves, along with the characters names, and did whatever they wanted slapping the title "Blood and Chocolate" on it in the end.
      There is nothing related to the original story in there.

  3. I haven't read P&P (yet!) but I love the adaptation you mention! I think Colin Firth will always be my favourite Mr Darcy. And I thought The Hunger Games was a great adaptation too, one of the best book to movie adaptations IMO. I wasn't overly keen on some of the HP adaptations (namely 5&6) I LOVED the rest of them!

  4. I think #3 for HP killed it for me because it was my favorite book and they did have some pretty big changes, in my opinion. Plus they left out Peeves in ALL OF THE MOVIES!?!

    I think THG is one of the very best book-to-movie adaptations I've seen.

    The first that pops into my mind though is Lord of the Rings. Jackson did a beautiful job with Tolkein's books :)

  5. I loved the Harry Potter adaptions and The Lord of the Rings. They were both great. Although in Harry Potter they left out some of my favorite parts, but they weren't important to the story at all. Oh and I agree with you about the Twilight movie it was so different from the book! I'm glad they fixed that in the newer movies. (:

  6. The Lord of the Rings is my favourite book to film and Eragon hands down gets the award for worse book to film. They Butchered the book and then proceeded to run over it with a dump truck, just to make sure the movie was dead. Natasha @ Paranormal Goddess Book Blog


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