Saturday, April 28, 2012

Discussion: Do You Have Any Book Related Pet Peeves?

Everyone has pet peeves, right?  A few months ago I let my sister borrow one of my books and she returned it to me in a much less pristine condition that when it left my hands.  I know a lot of people that will not lend their books for this very reason, but I love books and I love to share them as well.  I started thinking that I have some other book related pet peeves:

  • I don't like to dog ear mark my books.  Instead I use whatever I can find around to keep my place (actually, I have a post every Monday about my impromptu bookmarks).
  • I do like to lend my books, but only to some selected people.  After all I love them all!
  • I like to keep my books organized and clean.  I dust my bookshelves at least weekly.
  • I HATE to return a book late to the library, I mean I have palpitations just thinking I might get a fee and God forbid something were to happen to a library book while in my possession

What are your pet peeves about books?  Did you have one and learned to overcome it?  Do others think you're crazy (I know my hubby does :)


  1. Yeah I totally hate it when people dog ear mark books, like, even those library books!
    And it always sucks when creases appear on my book spines :(
    Which is why I love hardcovers ;)

  2. Breaking the spine and dog earing are two of my big pet peeves. My auntie does both of these and when I see her do it, I cringe a little inside. And nope, I haven't learnt to overcome it! I used to do it all the time, but since I've gotten older I've stopped.

  3. I hate it when people dog ear mark books, ahh. I don't even know when it started to bug me so much but it does. And another thing is when some creases a paperback book, or like folds it backwards. Ohh my goodness. If I see someone doing that to a book I get so irritated. My grandma does it to books, and I just want to snatch the book out of her hand.

    I'd never do that because:
    1. I'm probably making a bigger deal then it actually is & 2. It's disrespectful...

  4. I wont lend my books out if I can help it. I know that's selfish, but almost every time I do lend out a book, they seem to come back marked or dirty and less pretty then I last saw the book. I also have a peeve with people asking to borrow books and then not reading them and having them for weeks or a few months at a time. Really if you ask to borrow a book, your saying you have time and want to read it. Not just let it sit at your place collecting dust.


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