Saturday, June 23, 2012

Discussion: What Type of Reviews Do You Like?

Before I decided to become a blogger I visited many blogs.  My favorite quickly became those that have reviews that had certain characteristic that I tried to emulate in my own reviews.  Here are some of them:

Grading System - Cupcakes, stars, A-F, 1-10, whatever the method I want to know at a quick glance what the overall rating is.

Short and Sweet - I know I am way to wordy in my reviews (I start with the best intentions and quickly write more than I should), but I honestly like short reviews.

Good Sense of Humor - I like unique posts with a great sense of humor (I don't particularly like a lot of moving pictures as I become distracted), a few jokes or a funny picture are always welcome.

No Cursing - A few words once in a while are fine, BUT when I imagine a *beep* every few words, it's time for me to stop reading.

No Spoilers - I want to know what your impression of the book is. How was the writing? Was it interesting? How is the plot? Did you like the characters and the setting?  If I want to know what happens in the story, I'll read the book; thank you very much. 

Picture of the Cover - I like to see a picture of the book's cover in all it's glory.

Meaningful and well written - I want to perceive that the author gave the review some thought and edit it before posting.

What type of review do your write or like to read?  Do you like a lot of pictures? Do you like spoilers?  


  1. I find the reviews with gifs generally make me laugh (they're usually pretty snarky), but their meaningful content can definitely get lost in all the fluff.

    I don't like reviews that summarize the plot - isn't that what the book summary is for?

    And I need to see some sort of rating system - like you, I like to know from a glance how they felt overall about a book.

  2. I love spoilers! hahaha I personally read reviews to see if I don't want to read the book. So I look for reviews that reveal a little extra that way I can see if a pet peeve is present. Like if there's a love triangle does the author kill off the undesired? I despise that.

    I also like semi short reviews. But in my reviews I get wordy too. lol

    1. Really? I have to confess that I only like spoilers when I don't intent to read a book or if I started a book that I don't think I will finish.

  3. For some reason I hate reading reviews that don't have ratings either. And I don't like too short reviews but not too long either. 4-5 paragraphs is a good length. I hate spoilers, especially when they are not marked. I do love adding a couple of my favorite quotes, not sure how people feel about that but I get good comments on them.

  4. I want to hear the likes and/or dislikes, but in a non-spoilery way. And definitely a cove and some sort of rating so I can see quickly what the reader thought of the book.

  5. I don't really like any particular type of review, but I do like them to be passionate. I guess I just like to see that the review isn't telling me what I want to hear. If that makes any sense?

  6. I like to see a rating, and I know a lot of people put them at the bottom but I prefer them at the top because I like to see the rating before I read the review. I don't like spoilers in reviews but if its a book I can't finish, I sometimes look for spoilery reviews in I'm interested enough in how it ended. I don't like reviews to be too long but long enough to give a decent feel for the book. I do like to read quotes in reviews, sometimes I put them in mine, sometimes I don't. But I love to read quotes anywhere :)


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