Sunday, August 5, 2012

Your Own Olympics! Please Share Your Medals :)

This past week I was listening one of my favorite radio stations and the hosts were talking about what kind of gold medal they could easily win.  I am borrowing the idea for Reading with ABC to figure out what would you get a gold medal on?

Me?  Well, this is what I think I can get some medals on:

  • Faster reader in the family
  • Own the most books
  • Bakes the best brownies (or so people tell me :)
  • Most patient parent (hubby does not have the best temper)
  • Best host (for entertaining) 

Hubby can win the best and faster 'napper' in the world.
A - the laziest teenager ever!
B - the best dancer.
C - the biggest dinosaur lover.

What would you get a gold medal on?  Best reader? Best cook? Best crafts? Worst driver?

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