Friday, September 21, 2012

Feature and Follow Friday

Feature and Follow Friday is an awesome blog-hop hosted by Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read

This week's features are Amelia @ The Authoress and Lauren and Nia @ Northern Plunder this week's question is:

What hyped up book was worth all of the fuss?

Many of them did!  Here are some:  The Hunger Games, Vampire Academy, Harry Potter, The Iron Fey series and  the Percy Jackson series.  More recently:  Throne of Glass, Pushing the Limits, Sweet Evil, The Goddess Test series and The Fault in Our Stars.

What book was worth all the hype for your?


  1. Agreed! You are the first person I've come across so far that's actually selected more than one book like me haha! I loved The Fault In Our Stars, the Hunger Games and The Iron Fey Series, the others I haven't read however I do plan to read Pushing the limits soon, it's received so many good reviews.

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  2. The first 3 are the only ones I read - and loved them - so 100% agree :-)

  3. Lots of book books there! The Fault in our Stars is actually one of my answers.

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  4. Hopping through. Yay for TFIOS. I can't believe I forgot to list it.
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  5. Pushing the Limits, Pushing the Limits, Pushing the Limits!! Love that book.

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  6. I really want to read the Percy Jackson series badly. keep putting it off though.

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  7. Great Choices, I really need to read The Fault In our Stars!

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  8. There were so many that I wanted to list too, but in the end I boiled it down to one... series (hah... I couldn't even boil it down to one book -_-) XD

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    Oh, and I agree with everything on your list that I've read!! Which tells me I should really check out the ones on your list that I haven't read!


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