Friday, January 4, 2013

What I Did Over the Holidays: Cook!

You should know something about Hispanics... we love to eat!  Nothing calls to us better than to cook and bake our favorite foods.  Every year I have a 'cookie weekend' in which I bake as many cookies as possible and then gift them to everyone I know.  We also have a big Christmas Eve party.  Military families without family nearby (like us) tend to stick together and after a while they become your adopted family.  Here are some pictures of my 2012 food adventures.

Triple chocolate, chocolate crinkle, thrumprint shortbread, spritz, hazelnut filled, gooey nut bars 

Sorullitos de maíz (fried corn sticks), arroz con dulce (coconut rice pudding), flan de queso (cheese plan)

Appetizers - variety of cheeses, turrón alicante (almond nougat), pasta de guayaba (guava paste), tostones rellenos (crunchy fried plantain filled with chicken), and yuca en escabeche (yuca marinated in olive oil vinaigrette)

Jamón con piña (ham with pineapple and cherries) 
What do you think?  Is there anything special that you eat (or cook) during the holidays?  


  1. Just looking at this post has made me super hungry! Everything looks so good! My family have a baking day too, but we don't really make a huge amount, just enough to see our grandparents comfortably over the holiday season!

    1. That's great! Baking is one of my passions and it's always fun to do it with the family :)

  2. Oh wow it all looks so amazing! Great job :)


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