Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday: Conjured by Sarah Beth Durst

Waiting on Wednesday is a meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine in which we have the opportunity to let others know about books that we are eagerly waiting for.

Title: Conjured by Sarah Beth Durst 
Published by: Walker
Release date: September 3rd, 2013

Eve has a new home, a new face, and a new name—but no memories of her past. She’s been told that she's in a witness protection program. That she escaped a dangerous magic-wielding serial killer who still hunts her. The only thing she knows for sure is that there is something horrifying in her memories the people hiding her want to access—and there is nothing they won’t say—or do—to her to get her to remember.

At night she dreams of a tattered carnival tent and buttons being sewn into her skin. But during the day, she shelves books at the local library, trying to not let anyone know that she can do things—things like change the color of her eyes or walk through walls. When she does use her strange powers, she blacks out and is drawn into terrifying visions, returning to find that days or weeks have passed—and she’s lost all short-term memories. Eve must find out who and what she really is before the killer finds her—but the truth may be more dangerous than anyone could have ever imagined.

Why I want to read it: This sound so mysterious, right?  I mean, a new face?  Magic? Amnesia?  I've read a few books by Durst before and enjoyed them.  Also, this cover is beautifully creepy :)

What are you waiting for this week?


  1. I'm always hearing good things about her books. I think I'll make this my first read of hers.

    My WOW

  2. I haven't heard of this book before but everyone seems to love Sarah's books. Great pick.

    - Ellie at The Selkie Reads Stories

  3. This one is new to me, and it sounds like a great, creepy read. I'll definitely have to check it out. Great pick!

  4. You are so right mysterious, and the cover is beautiful! Great pick I am going to have to add this book.

    Here is my WoW

    Kelley Lee of Reading to Stay Alive

  5. Well that sounds creepily good!!!

    Here's My WOW

  6. Sounds really good! Nice WoW pick!

  7. This is a good pick! I want to read conjure too! Here is Mt WoW

    I'm a new GFC follower feel free to follow me back :D

  8. I haven't read anything by this author, but this one does sound like it has potential. Which of hers should I start with?

    1. I've only read Enchanted Ivy and it wasn't bad... I have Vessel, but I haven't read it yet.

  9. Great WOW pick. Love your WOW graphic. ;)

  10. This does sound very mysterious, I'll definitely be checking out this one when it releases. Thanks for the introduction!

    My WoW

  11. That sounds good! I hadn't heard of this one before. Buttons being sewn into her skin, though! Sounds creeptastic.
    Here's my WoW

  12. i neeed this one .she's an amazing writer


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