Monday, June 17, 2013

Book Expo America: BEA 2013

You have probably seen many posts like this one already, but here goes the account of my travels to BEA.  This year I planned the trip a lot better and my friend Jachy and I left Wednesday from Maryland and drove to New York City, getting there around 9:00.  I apologize right now for the quality of my pictures as I'm horrible at it (or so my boys tell me!)  Oh, and I also apologize for how long this post is!

Upon arrival we decided to go to Javits and register, so exciting!

On our first day we did a bit of sightseeing and walked a lot :)   This is what we saw:

We then went to Madam Tussauds in Time Square.  I really enjoyed the experience.  This is the most amazing statue (?) that I saw in the whole place:

So realistic, right?

We then proceed to have lunch at the fabulous Junior's

And then we stopped by Grand Central Station, which is gorgeous.  As soon as we came in the door we were gathered to stand behind Maria Menounos and AJ Calloway from the show Extra, as well, extras!  I managed to take one good picture of the beautiful Maria.

After that bit of adventure we decided to follow on Dash and Lily's steps and walk to The Strand.  This was NOT a good decision, I mean the walking part, because the bookstore was paradise to me.  It looks like this:

If I wasn't so tired after walking there, I would have stayed here forever!  I also got a really cool T-shirt to mark the momentous event ;) After that we took a taxi, which by the way is an art are in NY, and we went to check-in at the hotel.

We had plans to meet a group of bloggers at Olive Garden for dinner, so we got ready and started walking toward Times Square again.  We took two tables there and I meet some wonderful people (please forgive me if I didn't mention you!)

Hannah from The Irish Banana (and her lovely family), which I have meet a few times before as we are both from Maryland, Emily from Red House Books, Lexi from Poisoned Rationality (and her sister Tegan), Brianna from BAM Book Reviews, and Nicole and her sister.  Sorry if I left anyone out, love you anyway!

Hannah took the picture! 
Now from here on, the days become all confusing to me, because, as I was otherwise indisposed, more than two weeks have passed since BEA and the days tend to blur together a bit. So let me point out to my BEA Haul post, which you can find here; and just share the amazing pictures that I got from all the AWESOME celebrity authors at BEA:

I do remember that on Day 2 Jachy and I went to the Spencer Hill Breakfast, were we met authors Kelly Hashway (Touch of Death), Elizabeth Langston (Whisper Falls), Kendra L. Saunders (Death and Mr. Right), TJ Wooldridge (The Kelpie), and Sarah Guillory (Reclaimed).  We had a great time, I'm always surprised on how approachable authors are.  I also meet a few other bloggers at the breakfast: Lydnee Thompson from Quill Cafe, Emma Michaels, author, artist and blogger, and  Tiffany Ashmawy from About to Read

TJ, Kelly, Sarah and Elizabeth
Thanks for the great swag!!
I always look forward to The Harlequin Teen Hour since I get to meet many authors at one time.

Katie McGarry and Amy Sun
Julie Kawaga and her adorable figures (guess who they are!)

Jachy, Elizabeth Scott, and me
We got to meet Dawn Metcalf and received a signed copy of Indelible while in line
Kendare Blake and Kami Garcia
Veronica Roth and Althea Kontis
Elizabeth Gilbert and Sarah Dessen
Leila Sales / Melissa De La Cruz and Michael Johnston

Dan Krokos and Joelle Charbonneau
Amy Tintera / Suzanne Young and Cat Patrick

I also met amazing bloggers from all parts of the world, I'm sorry for not remembering all of you, but I'm so happy to have met all of you!
Isalys and Vanessa from Book Soulmates
What do you think of my adventures at BEA?


  1. So awesome seeing you again, Liza! Jachy is such a sweetheart. I had so much fun with you guys at dinner and seeing you around BEA!


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