Monday, July 8, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 1

Hi there gorgeous people!  I found this awesome Book Blogger Challenge hosted by Good Books Good Wine (head over there and sign up!) by reading Rachel's blog post over at Fiktshun and decided to join the fun! I can't promise all 15 posts, but I'll do my very best :)

Day 1 - Make 15 Book Related Confessions

1.  I'm a mood reader, well except if I have a review commitment.

2.  Even though I have an eReader (Kindle and Kindle app for iPad), I still have a ton of books. Er, four tall bookcases full!

3.  I don't like to mark my books in any way.  When I'm reading a 'physical' book I use post-it notes to mark pages I want to use later in a review.

4.   I can read more than one book at a time. Really!

5.   I love audio books - the only exception is fantasy because it's harder to understand when names and places are made up.

6.   I almost always leave my house with a book or an eReader.

7.   I can have books of different makes an sizes.  For example, I can have a combination of paperback and hardcovers within the same series and it doesn't bother me.

8.   I let my friends borrow my books.

9.   Hubby is a non-reader and book snob, thus it's true that opposites attract!

10.  I can read ANYWHERE!  On bed, sitting, standing, in the car, in the airplane,... you get the idea.

11.  I tend to judge books by their cover. Sad, but true.

12.  I go to the library at least one time per week... even though I have more than plenty to read.

13.  I rather read than watch a movie. Any time.

14.  I love to talk about books.  It's the nerd in me, what can I say?

15.  Authors are amazing people!  I'm always surprised by how approachable they are!

I wasn't sure I could get to 15, but I guess writing about books is not hard, huh! Actually, I think I could keep going...

What are some of your book confessions?


  1. I'm a mood reader too! I love being able to read whatever I'm feeling at the moment.

    I also never leave my house without a book. You never know when you'll have some downtime to read! :)

  2. I judge books by their cover too. But.. covers tell you genre and style of books, so they're so useful :) I could have added that as one of my confessions. I could probably list more than 15 hehe.

  3. I think it's awesome to see how we all found out about the challenge. It's like a game of telephone. :P

    Michelle @ Playing Jokers

  4. I'm such a mood reader too, which makes accepting review books really tough, doesn't it?

    I am so jealous of you and your ability to read multiple books at once. I try and fail at that every time.

    My Dude is a non-book reader, too. He likes reading articles but books, not at all. Unless it's a "classic" and even that is rare. So I totally agree that opposites attract. And I so agree that authors are absolutely amazing!

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge!

  5. I love going to the library even though I have 1,000 books already too lol. It's just the atmosphere and promise of free books that I like lol. We have some stuff in common!

    My Confessions


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