Sunday, August 11, 2013

Discussion: What Fictional Setting Would You Love to Visit?

Hi gorgeous people! This post isn’t a discussion per se, but I was watching Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows, Part 2 last night (for the 10th time maybe?) and I kept thinking on how amazing it would be to live in that magical world.  Of course, this brought up a discussion in our house on other amazing fictional settings we would love to visit.  Here are some that make the list:

Hogwarts – I don’t need an explanation, right?

Narnia – I would love to walk into that wardrobe.

Never Never Land – Even if it’s strange and dangerous, I would love to fall down the rabbit’s hole with Alice.

Vampire Academy – I would like to meet all of them!  Especially Rose and Dimitri :)

Camp Half-Blood – Wouldn’t it be cool to be a demi-god?  Train in sword fight and get the flag?  Meeting Percy would just be the icing in the cake .
You know I can keep going on and on, right?

Here are some that I would not want to be in:

Padem – Not interested in hardship or sending my kids to the Hunger Games!

Middle Earth – As ‘B’ says Gollum is creepy! 

Most Post-apocalyptic Worlds – Most of these are plain dangerous, take for example Rot & Ruin, Skylark or Dustland.

What fictional world would you love to visit? Which one would you not want to visit?


  1. Out of the settings listed on your post I'd definitely choose Hogwarts, although I assume its Hogwarts post Voldemort and all the chaos that came with him! :) I would also LOVE to live in the fictionalized steampunk UK of Gail Carriger's Etiquette & Espionage world! :)

    1. I haven't started this series but I did read her adult series based on the same world (the Parasol Protectorate) and I agree!


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