Monday, September 9, 2013

Contest! Name My New Car!

Hi gorgeous people!  This is a different kind of giveaway because it's a contest.  Let me explain: on Saturday hubby and I got a NEW CAR (insert 'The Price is Right' voice here)!  Knowing me, I have to make everything about books and thus I though it would be fun to name my car for a fictional YA character.  Here are pictures for your inspiration:

So, here are the details:

  • The contest is International.
  • The Winner will get either his or her choice of any book from TBD (make sure they deliver to you!) OR any book from Amazon (depends on where you live) up to $20.00 US dollars in value. 
  • You must be 13 years old to enter.
  • All other policies can be found in the page above.

How to enter:

  • Leave a comment with your suggestion for a name, the YA book in which the character appears, why you think the name would be a good pick AND your email. 
  • Since the car (2013 RAV4) is blue I think we should limit the search to a BOY name
  • I will select a name with the help of my boys (A, B and C) on September 25th.

Good luck!  


  1. How about Adrian from the Bloodlines? First of all, I thought of the cover for Indigo Spell. Then I was like, nah, Adrian wouldn't drive something like this. But THEN I thought, maybe it's something he'd aim for. Like the personality he wants to change into.
    Laura @ Music Plus Books

  2. The car got me thinking about Xander from Kasie West's Distance Between Us. Xander is a sophisticated, rich guy but he has a charming, sweet personality that could lure you in and good looks. And well, the cars looks sophisticated with a "homey", gentle feel to it. So yeah... (did I just compare one of my book boyfriends to a car? O_O lol)

    - Diana Grace

  3. I would suggest Jem from Clockwork Angel/Infernal Devices, that's a nickname for James but Jem sounds good like a Gem a precious stone, and when you love something (a car in your case) it's precious to you that you want to care for it for the rest of your lives, and that reflects the character of Jem also as I've known so far. Btw my motor bike's name was katniss. :)

  4. Thanks for the giveaway. I am going to go with Dante from The Collector. <3 I know the name should probably be for a convertible, but hear me out! It's your car so you should feel that it's charming and the car is very confident in keeping you safe and protecting you.


  5. I have no idea why, but I find it a Rudy! From The book thief :D

  6. Ok, that car looks like a Scout to me (from To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.) Yes, Scout is a girl and not a boy, but she's a tomboy, and the blue color of the car is fitting for her. Scout is independent as well as a bit of an explorer, and she's always up for an adventure. It looks like a fitting nickname...

  7. Love your car! How about Dmitri from Vampire Academy? I think it would be a good fit because I can see Dmitri driving that car with Rose and the gang in it :)

    chidoryx AT hotmail DOT com

  8. My vote is for Hector :) Strong and steady, just like your new awesome car!

  9. Bilbo the blue car that never lets it's compact size stop it from having adventures



  10. Reminds me of Raffe form Angelfall.. All muscles of steel and that aura of power and strength, not to mention sleek, totally cool and earth-shatteringly gorgeous! And Raffe has these piecing deep blue eyes too....
    Yup, Raffe does relate to your car perfectly! :)


  11. What a cute idea!! Congrats on the new car! It looks sharp! Drive safe! :P

  12. I think you should name your car Aglionby. It'll make you feel spiffy, but depending on how it's acting, you can then nickname it after one of the Raven Boys. If it's all shiny and fresh from the car wash, it's Gansey. If it's misbehaving, it's Ronan. If it needs some work, it's Adam. And if it's dependable and silent, it's Noah.

  13. I am obsessed with my favorite series Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick, so I would say any of these three following names: Patch (because he is strong, protective, and sexy) Rixon (because he is handsome and foreign like Toyota!) or Vee (if you want to go with a unisex name, because Vee is so sassy and unique) Sorry I couldn't pick one name!


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