Monday, November 11, 2013

My Top Three This Week #2

Hi there gorgeous people!  I thought it would be fun to share with you a little bit more of what goes on with my life and thus, I plan to have this My Top Three This Week with you regularly (as the name implies, at least weekly). 

What exactly will I share?  Anything that happened, music, favorite things, videos, movies, food and more.  So here it goes:

1.  Persuasion - I love this story!  I recently re-read the book and I borrowed the movie from the library too.  There is something special about the endurance of love after some many years, even when they were apart and seemly, undeserving of each other.  Frederick's letter to Anne is to die for *sigh*

2.  Pitch Perfect - Where was I when this movie came out?  Somehow I missed it and I kept hearing from everyone how good it was.  It was hard to find it to even watch it, but now I purchased it and I love it.  The plot has been done before, but I think the combination of amazing characters and great music just works.  I've seen this one several times already, Friday being the most recent time.  I heard that there will be a second movie. Is that true? That would be aca-awesome!

Intermission: Why is it so hard to find a movie now?  Since "video stores" don't exist anymore and Red Box mostly carries new movies, I have no notion where to find a movie to watch it.  This one wasn't on Netflix and I finally found it on Xfinity On-demand. Close intermission :)

3.  Book Signings -  Book signings are something that wasn't even in my radar until I stared blogging.  Since then I have been to several, but it never gets old. After all, for a nerdy book blogger like myself, authors are truly rock stars.  On Saturday I drove for almost two hours to see the fabulous Jennifer L. Armentrout, the incredible Wendy Higgins, and the wonderful Brigid Kemmerer. It always amazes me how approachable and gracious they are. Shouting: You are awesome!!!

Do you like Jane Austen's books?  How about movies based on her books?  Do you have a favorite?  Have you seen Pitch Perfect? Do you go to book signings? Is there a favorite author that you would love to meet? 


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  2. I loved Pitch Perfect. Fat Amy totally made the movie for me. The sequel should be released in 2015, which is AGES away, but at least we've got the first one to keep watching until then. I'd love to go to book signings, but there's rarely any I can actually get to with ease, which is unfortunate.

  3. Love Pitch Perfect.Such a funny movie.


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