Thursday, January 9, 2014

Our Christmas Vacation

Hi there gorgeous people!  As you might have noticed I'm back from vacation. Where was I, you ask? We (as in all five of us) went to Puerto Rico for two weeks over Christmas and New Year's.  Both hubby and I are originally from there and have a TON of family.  When I say a ton, I mean it.  It seems like every time we went out as a group there was up to 25 people and four cars. We all had a blast and enjoyed the weather, even if it was a bit rainy, it was a lot better than here.  

Let me tell you all about it in pictures :)

This is the view from a restaurant called Roca Dura 

On our way to Piñones (beach front) for lunch

Bacalaitos, empandillas and tacos de jueyes / All my boys + hubby at the beach

My mom's Christmas tree

Hacienda La Esperanza (Hope Plantation) in Manatí

The plantation has a big collection of machetes 
Then we came back to this:

NOT a nice surprise, we went from a summery 85 degrees to like 20 in a span of four hours!

How did you do over your holiday?  Did you visit family?  Did you stay home? What did Santa bring you (provided you weren't naughty)? 


  1. Welcome back to the cold! Glad to see that you and your family had fun. My little family was stuck at home because of work.

  2. Great pictures! Now I need a vacation! :)


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