Saturday, June 18, 2011

Event: Sarah Dessen Book Tour

This past Thursday, June 16 the great Sarah Dessen appeared in a book signing at the Bethesda Library. The event was hosted by Politics and Prose who had her books on sale right there.  I left work around 3:00 to get there before the event started at 5:00 (if you are familiar with the area it takes forever to get even near DC as traffic is awful.)  The wonderful Ms. Dessen was there on time and was greeted by a room full of avid readers.  She started the evening by reading from the first chapter of her most recent book and then continued to answer questions from the crowd.  She also had five trivia questions (sadly I new only two of the answers) and gave this awesome water bottles to the winners. 

I bought two of her books 'What Happened to Goodbye' and 'Along for the Ride' (that I had read from the library and didn't own) and had them signed to me (check out my IMM tomorrow.)  I also had my picture taken with her. 

I know that a lot of the teenagers thought that I was in line to get the books signed for someone else, but no, they were for me.  I may not be a young adult, but I just love this genre and I will probably read for years to come.  Thank you Ms. Dessen for your time, your enthusiasm and for the wonderful books you gifts us with.

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  1. Aww, she's one of favorite authors! I'd love to see her one day. :)


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