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Review: A Need So Beautiful by Suzanne Young (A Need So Beautiful #1)

Title: A Need So Beautiful by Suzanne Young
Published: June 21, 2011 by Balzer & Bray
Source: Library
Grade Rate: A

We all want to be remembered. Charlotte's destiny is to be Forgotten...

Charlotte’s best friend thinks Charlotte might be psychic. Her boyfriend thinks she’s cheating on him. But Charlotte knows what’s really wrong: She is one of the Forgotten, a kind of angel on earth, who feels the Need—a powerful, uncontrollable draw to help someone, usually a stranger.

But Charlotte never wanted this responsibility. What she wants is to help her best friend, whose life is spiraling out of control. She wants to lie in her boyfriend's arms forever. But as the Need grows stronger, it begins to take a dangerous toll on Charlotte. And who she was, is, and will become--her mark on this earth, her very existence--is in jeopardy of disappearing completely.

Charlotte will be forced to choose: Should she embrace her fate as a Forgotten, a fate that promises to rip her from the lives of those she loves forever? Or is she willing to fight against her destiny--no matter how dark the consequences.


WOW! This book blew me away, the idea is so original and the concept so well carried out.  I don't think I can find a single bad thing to say about it, other than it's a series and now I have to wait a whole year to know what happens next.

Charlotte has always had a compulsion to help others, she calls it The Need, and it is a painful pull towards someone she needs to help.  The problem is that every time that she helps someone, she looses a little bit of herself and the memory of her disappears.  This concept by itself is so heartbreaking, knowing that in fulfilling your purpose you will loose everything you hold dear and be Forgotten. 

The characters in 'A Need So Beautiful' are beautifully written and developed.  You get to know Charlotte, Sarah, Harlin, Monroe and others characters well and identify with them.  What can I say about Harlin and Charlotte?  Their relationship felt so incredible and at the same time real, a love so intense that it was almost like a physical need by itself.  I laughed and I cried while reading this amazing page-turner.

Ms. Young's writing style in very down to earth and makes the reader identify themselves with the setting, the story and the characters.  A very enjoyable and easy novel to read.  Go run to the book store or the library right now and give it a try. It is, at the risk of being redundant, beautiful.

About the cover: Love the cover, its airy and full of light, which is a big part of the story.  I also like the style and position of the title and how the words kind of link together.

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  1. Love the cover, and the actual book sounds fantastic. Thanks for the lovely review! (:


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