Friday, August 19, 2011

Feature and Follow Friday #7

Feature and Follow Friday is an awesome blog-hop hosted by Parajunkee's View and Alison Can Read

This week's features are Emma @ Belle Books and Stuck in Books and the questions is:

If you could write yourself a part in a book, what book would it be and what role would you play in that book?

This is a very hard questions to answer. How many times while reading a book you think to yourself 'I wish I could be there'.  I'd love to be Jo in Little Women, or be Meghan from the Iron Fey series (kissing Ash would be a great plus, right?)  I'd love to meet Harry Potter, and Edward Cullen. I'd love to meet Vincent from Die for Me, and Will from Angelfire.  So many choices....

What role would you play in a book? 


  1. Happy Friday!
    Good reply. The are to many great characters out there.

    I’m a new follower
    My Hop

  2. It is difficult to decide on one book to write yourself into. New follower here. Happy FF Friday!

  3. New follower here! :)

    I mentioned Iron Fey as one of my picks too :) Faeries are just amazing. And Jo from Little Women would be a fun one too :)

    Here's my FF:

    Hope you have a nice weekend!


  4. Completely agree about Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter. Best books ever:D

    Great post,new follower:D also it's so cool that you lived in Puerto Rico, I wish I could speak spanish!!

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  5. i'd love to be my own sort of Katniss character. I recently dyed my blonde hair brown, and now I feel all katniss-y lol! (I WISH!)

    Followin you! Hope you'll come by my blog and tell me what your fav book of 2011 has been so far!

  6. Jo from Little Women would be a lot of fun to meet! She's still one of my favorites - strong, independent, and incredibly kind...YA needs more heroines like her. :)

    Old follower, just hoppin' through!

  7. Hello! Following back! Thanks for stopping by my blog. ^_^

  8. I'm with you. There are so many great books and characters I would love to meet it would be hard to choose. Meeting Harry Potter would be neat, and I have always loved Alanna in Tamora Pierce's novels. Too many to choose from and unfortunately I have a habit of reading about worlds in conflict(especially Dystopian) stepping into those pages could be hazardous to my health! :)


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