Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Guest Post: From Anthea Shap, the Author of Feyland

Hi everyone, today I have a guest post from Anthea Sharp, the author of Feyland (see review below).

Thanks, Liza, for having me as your guest at Reading with ABC! This week my YA urban fantasy Feyland: The Dark Realm goes on sale, which is a dream come true for me. I’m excited to be here to share a little about how people can make their own dreams come true.

With 2012 on the horizon, it’s the season to celebrate what the past year has brought, and think about the year ahead. This year, I encourage everyone to dream big. Whatever it is—planning that trip you’ve always wanted, gaining the courage to talk to your secret crush, or even writing a book—believe that you can do it. And then put everything you have into making it happen.

Two years ago, I started writing Feyland. The story wouldn’t let me go, so bit by bit, page by page, I wrote it. Eventually, a few chapters became half a book. Then several hundred pages. The day I typed “The End” I sat back, amazed. Of course, the first draft of a book is just the beginning. I revised and edited and got feedback from some amazing readers until I felt that the story was as polished as it could be.

I spent the better part of the next year sending the manuscript out to agents. I got lots of enthusiastic responses—but no offers of representation. Publishing is going through enormous changes right now, and a lot of agents and editors are being extremely conservative about the kinds of projects they take on. My young-adult-urban-fantasy-faeries-scifi-futuristic-gaming novel doesn’t slot nicely into a specific subgenre, which made it a very hard sell in traditional publishing.

Sometimes you have to make your own luck. I believed in this story, and in myself, so I decided to self-publish. I hired a graphic designer to work with me on the cover, and the book went through another round of editing and copyedits. Feyland: The Dark Realm was released in both print and electronic formats on December 16th to rave reviews. I’m incredibly pleased with the results. I hope readers are, too!

No matter how far-fetched or difficult your dream may be, hold on to it. Believe in yourself, and don’t let go. Your success is out there, waiting.

I’d be delighted to answer any questions people leave in the comments, and thanks again to Liza for inviting me to guest post!

www.antheasharp.com – YA fantasy

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