Saturday, December 3, 2011

Guest Post: When Twilight Meets Vampire Academy by Jez

As you might have noticed from the dire cry for help on the sidebar on my blog, I am taking graduate classes for a certificate and needless to say, it is a LOT of work.  Oh, I am reading all right, but not what I really want to read (I can’t wait for Christmas break!)  Jezebel from Jez’s Bookcase has been kind enough to volunteer to do guest reviews and posts for Reading with ABC. 
As you know, I'm a fan of Twilight. If you don't, I declare my adoration again: I Love Twilight! I'm also a fan of Vampire Academy - what can you do? A girl loves her vampires. And being a fan of both, I could just imagine what would happen if both the characters clashes with each other.
     Fights. There will be fights. The Volturis will freak when dhampirs come into the scene. And there will be a fight of mental powers of Twilight vamps with the ass kicking karate kicks and the powers of elements. I'd love to see how Lissa and Aro fighting as they both have strong mental powers. Not to mention the Strigoi will be fighting the werewolves. Next, more romance. The vampires, dhampirs and Alchemists in both the series need new lovers. Sparkling vamp plus vampire hating Alchemists; spirit wielding Moroi with the likes of Renesmee. That would be a very peculiar sight. What can I say, love conquers all. Plus, half-vampires and dhampirs are abundantly needed in both series. Maybe there will be a new batch of sparkling dhampirs with mind-reading powers.
     Would you give anything to see Edward with Dimitri; Bella with Rose? The boys could find out a way to efficiently wipe out the Strigoi, perhaps even overthrowing the Volturis (they're so mean compared to Vampire Academy's vampire court). Bella could teach Lissa how to protect her mind, and Rose could teach Bella how to throw a good punch without breaking her wrist. Adrian need a good dose of Jasper to calm down his mind. And who would not love sweet little Renesmee? The society of Twilight is less complicated compared to that of Vampire Academy. If Twilight blends with Vampire Academy, there'll be a lot of drama between the Volturis and the high court of Vampire Academy. A tug-of-war between the two forces, both sides are sure to suffer.
     Ah, we could just imagine the epic scene when the two series clashes together. Epic, my dear.  Epic.

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  1. Haha I would totally love to see that!! :D Great idea really :) :)


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