Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Review: Pyxis: The Discovery by K.C. Neal (Pyxis #1)

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Title: Pyxis: The Discovery by K.C. Neal
Published: November 4th 2011 by StoneHouse Ink
Source: Receive from the author for review
Grade rate: B+

Corinne lives an average teenage life working at her dad’s cafe, hanging out with her best friend, and trying to forget a falling-out with her almost-boyfriend Mason. Things take a strange turn when she uses her late grandmother’s food dyes for a bake sale, and her customers suddenly find her irresistibly alluring. Then she discovers she and Mason are haunted by the same dreams of a dark force that consumes everything in its path.

Pursued by shadowy figures and a crazy woman with secrets from the past, Corinne must find out who her grandmother really was. In her quest to unravel her family’s history, she learns she is destined to protect this world--and the dark world of her dreams. She races to find the answers she seeks before her nightmares break free.

My Review

Pyxis was offered to me for review by the wonderful K.C. Neal and I was intrigued by the cover and the synopsis.  It is a great addition to the collection of paranormal YA reads.

Corinne was very easy to identify with.  She is brave and smart and tries to figure out what is going on with the help of her incredible friends Mason and Ang.  It was nice to see a teenager with a stable family life, even though her parents were busy with work; they care for Corinne and her brother Bradley.  Mason is a great character, so strong, stable, and understanding, and you can see that he really cares for Corinne.  I also enjoyed Angela and Corinne’s relationship, they are so close, and I am glad that Corinne has such good friends to rely on. I have my suspicions on who the second Guardian is, but I guess I'll have to wait.
The plot was a new paranormal twist for me and it is very interesting, although it left me a bit confused (I’m sure Corinne felt the same way!)  I wish that Pyxis was explained a little bit more and I’m sure that will happen with the sequel. The writing was easy to read and understand and a good flow. The ending was kind of abrupt with not resolution or much of an explanation.
Overall Pyxis is a good paranormal read, with a little bit of mystery and romance thrown in for good measure.  I definitely look forward to the sequel Alight: The Peril that will be published next spring.
About the cover:  The cover is beautiful and it portraits Corinne with one of the bottles that her grandmother left for her.

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