Saturday, April 14, 2012

Discussion: Do You Reply to Comments?

We all love comments.  For book bloggers, this is a way to connect with readers, to get feedback on a job well done, to get suggestions to more reading material, and more.  I take the time to read a post in order to be able to make an intelligent comment and I like it when I get the same type of comment in one of my posts.  

Now, there are two ways to reply to comments (there might be more, so if you know any, please share):

  • Hit the "reply" button right in your post - the issue here is that the reader would have to remember to come back to the post to see the reply.
  • Email the reader - if you make a comment (at least in Blogger) you get an email and I love to reply that way, unless is a meme / hop, in which case I would go back to the reader's blog.  The problem here is that A LOT of people have a "non-reply" email setting and I cannot return the favor.  

A lot of times I make comments in blogs that never reply back.  NEVER.  Some big blogs make the time to reply to some of their post, I do understand that if you get 100 comments per post, it would be almost impossible to reply to all of them, but I think that making an effort proves to your reader that you really appreciate them for stopping by and for reading your blog. 

What do you think?  Do you reply to all your comments?  Do you like to receive a reply when you comment? How long does it take you to reply to comments? 


  1. On memes/hops, I agree, definitely try and go back to the commenter's blog and return the favour! If it's on one of my reviews/chat posts, I try and reply via a comment myself. I don't always find the comments, but when I do, I make an effort to reply!

  2. Since I just moved from Blogger to Wordpress I am replying to all of my comments but that's because I have about 3 followers who have made the switch with me. Though I will admit to having a hard time replying to comments on posts that generally generate a lot of comments like IMM, WOW and posts like that. I do like when the blogger takes the time to leave a reply on a comment that I made. It makes you feel like your opinion actually matters to the blogger.

  3. I try and respond to all the comments I receive on my blog. Though I'm not sure if anyone comes back to see that I replied to them.

    I do like when the comments I have made on another blog get a reply. It lets me know that they actually took the time to read what I had to say. But sometimes I do forget to go back and check to see if there is a reply to my comment.

    I usually try to reply on the same day but if I am busy it may take a day or two. I have a small blog so it isn't that difficult to respond to a comment.

  4. I respond to all my comments (or at least try to). With memes, I go and visit their post (unless they're returning the favour). I think replying is just polite and it definitely makes you feel more within the blogging community, I guess.

    I think the biggest difficulty with commenting is following up when you made a comment on somebody else's blog.

  5. I reply to every comment on my blog when the comment is on a review or general post. For a meme, I usually go back to the other person's blog and comment on that, but at the moment I don't have much time with my Grandad being ill and everything.

    Sometimes I like to tweet the person, and that usually gets a discussion going!

  6. I try to reply to every comment, unless it's one for a giveaway where one of the extra entries goes to writing a blog post comment... I can't keep up with those because I get over 100 most of the time! Lol. Otherwise, I will reply. I want my visitors to know I appreciate their coming by. ^_^

  7. I reply to as many comments as possible - I would say that if it's a no-reply blogger, I'm less likely to respond to them, unless they are a first time visitor or if they asked me a question. Then I will try and find a way to contact them back. I reply via email.

    And with memes, yes, I do visit back people who have commented on my blog :)

  8. I try to respond to every comment, every time. I've learned that Disqus does sometimes send comments to spam, so I'm getting into the habit of checking on that every day so I don't miss anything.

    And I'll be honest: if I take the time to read a post and make a meaningful comment, it does kind of hurt my feelings if the blogger doesn't bother to respond.

    Also, I like Disqus the best for comments because if you reply, it automatically emails the commenter back that you've replied & you don't have to subscribe to comments.

  9. I don't reply to every single comment. I mostly reply to questions or something I could "comment" back on. I don't reply back if all I could really say is thank you for commenting, but I do try to reply as much as I can.

  10. I authorize all of my comments so I not only read every single one of them but I also go through and check out their blog and comment on one of their posts as well.

  11. I usually reply to all comments, but sometimes it's hard to reply back to something that doesn't need an answer. In times like that I usually just check out their blog instead.

  12. Great post! I always reply to my comments. When a person comments on my review, I especially like to return the favor and leave them a genuine comment on one of their reviews as well. I've also been noticing a lot lately that a lot of bloggers won't reply to a comment I've made, and it does bother me a bit. I try to respond as soon as I can when I get one. :)

  13. I try to always reply to comments. Again, I don't know if someone comes back to read it. So often I'll go to their blog and comment there.

  14. I always try to reply on the comments on my blog and I try to pay a visit to their blog :) Just to return the favor by commenting on their blogs (if I think it's intersting enough. Just saying a standard comment doesn't really do any good.)

    I always like it when people reply to something I said. It gives a little appreciation for the fact that you said something :)

    And just saying: New follower :D

    1. Thanks for stopping by Mel, I'm following back!


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