Saturday, May 5, 2012

Discussion: Can You Read Everywhere?

Everyone has different reading habits that might change over time.  When I was in my teens I could study, do homework or read while music was playing or in front of the TV.  Sadly, to say I lost my ability to do school related work under these conditions (and sometimes writing reviews with music is hard), but when it comes to reading I can pretty much read everywhere.

I do have my favorite reading spots, namely my living room couch and my bedroom, but when you work full time, go to school (almost over with the last class *jumps up and down*), and have a wonderful husband, and three gorgeous kids, you learn to adapt quickly.  Believe, if I wanted peace and quite I will be up to the wee hours of the morning every night!

  • I can read in front of the TV, as long as I'm not interested on what my kids or hubby is watching (sports and cartoons!).  
  • I can read during lunch at work, even if I get interrupted 20 times.
  • I can read in the car while my hubby is driving, even if I had to take breaks to not get car sick.
  • I can read at the book store while looking for new things to read (actually, "B" can read an entire manga book while I'm looking ;)
  • I can listen to a book while driving, I'm glad I tried audio books and I listen to a new one every couple of weeks or so.
  • Oh! And I read to "C" every night at bedtime.

How about you?  Do you need absolute silence to read?  Do you have a favorite place to read? 

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  1. I don't need absolute silence to read too. I can read in class while my classmates were talking in the highest volume. I could read in a MOVING car for hours without getting car sick or a headache. Seriously, if I don't do that, major time lost for reading! ;)

    Great post! :D

    Fara @ Tumbling In Books

  2. It's the same for me when it comes to reading a book while the television's turned on: as long as I'm not interested in whatever someone else is watching, I can read, read, read. But when it's something I like, I cannot read with the TV on.

    Other than that I always carry a book with me: to uni, to work, when I'm meeting with friends - just in case I might have a minute (or more) to myself. :D (But I definitely cannot read during a car ride - I get sick within a few sentences.)

    Fictional Distraction

  3. I'm the same, so long as I'm not interested in what's on the TV, I can read with it on. I can read during car journeys too, although the one place I found that I couldn't read without feeling incredibly sick was on an plane. But generally, I can read anywhere.

  4. I get distracted pretty easily so when I read it has to be really quiet. I've gotten better lately though. I don't leave the room to read anymore! Hah. I think it really just depends on what the book is because if it's not one I'm completely invested in I tend to get distracted.

  5. I can read ANYWHERE. Honestly, after years of sitting in the middle of a crowded, loud classroom, I've learned to ignore everything. Also, I have 2 little brothers, so I'm good at tuning out loud noises.

    What's Your Story?

  6. I'm currently in high school and have started to read at school at lunch and when I have free time. I'm going to start to do that more since my homework's starting to keep me up all night leaving me with no time to read.

  7. I can read pretty much anywhere as well. I was the oldest of five kids, so I got very good at tuning things out, and I never get carsick, so I'm always reading on the bus (we went car-less this year - best thing EVER!)

  8. I can read anywhere too. It doesn't matter where I am. I have even been known to read at basketball and baseball games whenever my son is taking his turn sitting on the bench. I find it easy to block things out.

  9. I can read pretty much anywhere, anytime - but I do like silence or just quiet time when I'm reading - that way I can be 100% absorbed in it.


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