Monday, June 25, 2012

Bookmark This Week #9

I don't know about you but I probably own a good number of bookmarks.  I think this might be the case of all bookish people, but the problem is that I can never find one when I need it.  I end up using whatever I can find - receipts, post-in notes, ribbon, take out menus - because I really don't like to bend the pages of my books (and I often borrow them from the library.)

I thought it would be fun to share with you what exactly I am using as a bookmark every Monday.  Today I'm reading Social Suicide by Gemma Halliday. I'm using a 'Under the Never Sky" bookmark that I got at BEA.

Please leave a comment to share your bookmark with me! Oh, and let me know if you like to see this feature every week or even see it as a meme /hop. If you are reading an eBook, please comment about your eReader's cover or on what interesting things are in your cover or case (I keep all sort of stuff inside my kindle's cover too!)

What are you using as a bookmark today?


  1. I love this series it's so much fun!

  2. Hi Liza,I love your post, it has given me an idea about doing one post about all the book marks that I own. I am the same, I mostly use my daughters mini drawings (done on a small pad) as book marks because they are so cute but I have been known to everything from reciepts to bus tickets to even a crisp packet I was eating once upon a time, I am ashamed ti admit :D

  3. Ooh, this is a cute idea! I have SO many bookmarks--I'm obsessed--but lately I've been using an index card. My 15 month old son LOVES my bookmarks, so he always steals my books if he can grab it from where I leave it and he rips the bookmarks out of my books! And a lot of them get wrinkled and it makes me sad, ha!

    You also just gave me a great idea. I'm going to go on pinterest and look at all the different ideas people have for making bookmarks. =D Love the paint sample ones up above in your MeMe picture. =D


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