Monday, October 8, 2012

Discussion: How Do You Organize Your Books?

We love books.  It’s who we are and we are proud of it.  BUT it is sometimes a hazard to find space for all our lovelies.  I had mentioned before that I currently have three bookcases to keep my books (the kids have a whole shelf for their use :)

I do like to keep series together.  I also have a shelf in which I put all my library books to one side and all the books that I want to read next (ARCs for review, blog tours, etc.).  Oh! And I have three shelves with romance novels.  Other than that, my books don’t have any order, however, most of the time I do seem to be able to find what I’m looking for (unless someone has borrowed a book and I can’t remember!).  Do you have a better way to organize your shelves?  What system works for you?

Some Series
  • Do you alphabetize them by author or by title?
  • Do you sort them by topic?
  • Do you sort them by color?
  • Do you keep all the series together?

Romances (can you tell I love Julia Quinn?)

About eBooks – my Kindle Fire doesn’t have the ability to sort books by collections, like I could with my old Kindle 2 ink reader and I dearly miss this feature!

I can’t wait to hear about your system! 


  1. Hey there! :) :) Well, my mom has these book shelves situated in my room. And there are mostly her books - like, since she was in High school lol. My mom really likes old books. And the shelves are full of her books. :P So I made space in my wardrobe :P :D And I really like it :P

  2. My shelves are separated by hardcover and paperback, and then alphabetical order by author's last name. It makes it easy to find anything I'm looking for. If I have multiple books by an author, they are shelved in chronological order by release date. And series are obviously in order.

  3. My shelves are sorted by read and non-read, and I keep series together. So simple :)

    Cassy @ Reading and Rising With the Sun

  4. My shelves are organized by series, then by genre, then by how beautiful they are (you know, the prettiest ones need to be the most visible;). I know where all my books are for the most part. All my TBR books are on different shelves. I have two and a half bookcases of books to be read and then a huge stack on top of another and ANOTHER stack on my table/desk area. Yeah, I think I have more that still need to be read than books I've already read.
    Loved seeing your shelves, thanks for sharing!

  5. MIne are organised with all series together and everything by 1 author in 1 place! (and all my series have to match cover/size wise etc)
    I then organise my books on the shelf in height terms, all books have to be the same size and level on the shelf - this is so I can get more books on top of them lying down. Also I have some shelves that have different height shelves so I have to put books in where they fit!
    I don't have a system other than that. I used to separate my 'favourites' on my easiest to access shelf so I could get to them better, but now I have so many books I love and so little space to store they just go where I can get them in. :D

  6. Mine are sorted into YA, regular fiction, nonfiction. Within the fiction shelves they are alphabetized by author. I also have one whole shelf piled with all my Buffy the Vampire Slayer books. Certain authors actually have whole shelves to themselves: V.C. Andrews, Stephen King, Dean Koontz. I also started a shelf just for my autographed books, but it is getting too full. Then, all my TBR books are on a whole bookshelf by themselves, organized by what type of books they are.

  7. I have one little book shelf lol so I just do it by author. Once I have more though I think I want to do it by genre then author.

  8. They're organized together by genre, size, and series.

    I have one full bookcase that's double stacked. Another full bookcase that's single stacked. Another medium bookcase that's double stacked, and a mini bookcase for review books, finished copies from publishers and I can't forget about the ARCs!

    Giselle from Book Nerd Canada

  9. I keep changing, mostly I've divided them between UK YA and all others - these are then split on size but I do keep authors together. Mostly.


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