Thursday, October 18, 2012

Discussion: To Blog Tour, or not to Blog Tour? That is the Question

blog tour?

We all love Blog Tours for different reasons.  Just like everything else in life there are pros and cons about it.  These are some of my thoughts about Blog Tours:

  • I love to spread the word about new books and new authors.  As members of a blog tour we have the great advantage of exposing others to great reads.
  • Participating in blog tours is a way to promote your own blog.  Usually, all stops for the blog tour are prominent in the organizer’s website, other blogs participating in the tour and the author’s blog. 
  • Everyone loves giveaways.  Typically, a lot of blog tours include a giveaway and we all love those!
  •  A lot of blog tours include author or character interviews, guest posts, or experts of the book.  Certainly all these tools are used to promote the book, but just as important, it gives the reader an insight about the author, the characters, and the book.

  • As Forest Gump’s mom used to say: “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get” (or something like that).  What I mean by this is that sometimes signing up for a blog tour of an unknown (to you) author is a gamble; there is assurance that you will like what you read.
  • Following on the bullet above, if you don’t like the book, what then?  As book bloggers and reviewers, most of us strive to provide our honest opinion.  It is hard to participate in a tour when you absolutely hated the book. 
  • Blog tour posts take more time to prepare.  This might be just my fault, but after I read the book I have to do the following: write a review, include author’s biography, picture and links, include the interview / guest post / interview, giveaway Rafflecopter, and include a disclaimer.
  • Blog Tours can take over your blog. If you sign up for many host sites and sign up to many blog tours, this can take over your blog and your other wishes /commitments.  I find that the limit for me is no more than three a month, otherwise I must read the books that I committed to read and this leaves not time to read other things in my ever growing TBR list. Of course, this depends on the time that you have to read and blog (I work full-time and have three kids!)

So, after all this rambling the answer to the questions is: yes.  Personally, I will keep participating in blog tours; but only on my own terms.

What do you think about blog tours?  Do you like to participate in them?  What do you like? What don’t you like?  Do you thing they are a good marketing tool?


  1. You make a great point about blog tours.. I usually don't sign up for any that don't sound interesting to me. I do enjoy the free books! I do find that scheduling them can be a pain!

  2. Oh I'm in blog tour madness right now. I think my mistake was saying yes to anything that looked interesting. Now I'm a lot more picky. I'm finding that I always have to read the blog tour books over my other books, and that's a big no no. Great post!
    Giselle @ Book Nerd Canada

  3. I haven't participated in any blog tours yet, and I'm still undecided if it's worth it or not. The points you make are very valid - but I really worry about what happens if I don't like the book. Even if I just post a giveaway - it won't be for something that I myself would want, and so it's still kind of compromising my principles.

  4. Great post! Here is my rule: I only sign up for blog tours if I would read and buy the book even if there was no blog tour.

    I have way too many books I want to read to bother with something I might not like. And all of the blog tours I have done before give you the option of a promo post instead of a review if you didn't like the book.


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