Monday, January 14, 2013

Discussion: Do You Shop Around for the Best Deal on Books?

As any book lover knows buying books is an expensive addiction.  I was wondering on what is your approach when deciding to purchase a book or even keeping up with your (ever-growing) reading list.  Here are some of the things I do.

- Check Wal-Mart or Target – These stores don’t have a great selection, but they usually have bestsellers at a great discount and most books have at least a 20% off.

- Membership at major book stores – I have a discount card for the two closest to my house.  Not only do I get 10% off from my in-store purchase (I know it’s not much), but more importantly, I get free shipping in any on-line purchase.

- Use coupons – The above mentioned book stores send me emails almost every day and most of the time they have coupons that I use when buying hard cover books.

- Check on-line – I do this for the websites of major books stores, The Book Depository, Amazon and other sites and then go for the least expensive.   Books purchased on-line are always cheaper than the same book at the store.

- Buy the eBook – eBooks are almost always cheaper than the physical copy of the same book and you can start reading right away. There is always a great selection of free books too.

- Go to the library – I go to the library at least once a week.  Not only do I get to read books and listen to books for free, but they also offer books for sale that are very affordable.

- Trade or borrow – Unfortunately, I have the biggest collection of books from anyone I know.  The good thing is that my friends get to borrow books from me, but I hardly ever get to borrow theirs.  I have traded a few books from other bloggers through the mail and that works well.

- Buy used books – I have done this from other bloggers as well (although I still have to pay shipping).  Tragically, I don’t know of any used bookstores in my area (that might be a good thing for my wallet!)

What are some of the tricks that you use?  Do you shop around for the best prize or just get whatever you want?  Do you only go to the library?  Do you only get eBooks?


  1. I'm always on the lookout for great deals, and therefore I mostly shop at The Book Depository for print books. Since I live in the Netherlands the bookshops close to me don't sell a lot of English books and especially not the ones I want to read, so I don't really shop a lot there. I also recently bought a Kindle and I love it because there is a great selection and there are always a lot of deals for ebooks :)

    1. I guess living overseas will be a challenge. Kindle is a lifesaver too!

  2. I usually hit for my books. The hardbacks are typically 20-40% off, and the paperbacks are buy 3, get 1 free. If I'm feeling splurge-y (or have a coupon), I'll go to B&N.

    I did get Beta from Target on Black Friday for only $9. That was an awesome deal.

    1. I also buy from Amazon, but mostly Kindle books. I get free shipping for books ordered on-line at both B&N and BAM with the membership card :)

  3. I definitely shop around as much as I possibly can, most of my books come from Amazon, although a couple of the UK supermarkets have a good range of books in them, and they're usually a lot cheaper than what you can buy them for online. And now that I have a Kindle, I love being able to snag cheap e-books that I would have originally bought in print and pay what feels like next to nothing for them! I love using my library too, although I only go a couple of times a month, because it can take them a while to get new books in. I don't have any independent bookstores close to me, or any used bookstores, which is a real shame, because I'd definitely support those stores more if they existed!

  4. I tend to go into book shops to see what is out, then I will check Amazon and the Book Depository to see how they compare. I will sometimes also check my local supermarket, Asda does great value, normally more than 50% less than the usual price. Tesco also does good deals but has a more limited selection.
    But I hardly ever buy a book outright. With the amount I read I can't afford to.

    Also like you - I rely on the Library a lot. :D x

    1. The supermarket around her doesn't have any discounted books :( Good for you!

  5. I'm always on the lookout for the best prices! I love going to Walmart or Target for books because you're right they do have a pretty good discount - and I'm lucky that in the city I live near there are an abundance of both and each have a different selection of books. :O I also go to B&N about once a month because the 10% off does help a bit.

    AND OH GEEZ. I've just discovered the joy of online shopping for books. I love it. And used bookstores are great, but the ones near me never have books that I'm too interested in.

    Great topic!!


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