Monday, February 25, 2013

Review: Movies I’ve Watched Recently

Hi gorgeous people!  I usually don’t review movies in the blog, but I've seen some really good movies lately that I want to share with all of you.

The Last Song – I’ve read my share of Nicholas Spark’s books and I have to confess to crying in every single one of them.  No kidding, I don’t know how he manages to bring tragedy or death to each plot and I still makes me want to read his books and watch his movies.  Well, I hadn’t watched this one because I wasn’t too crazy about the lead actress, but I was actually good.  I haven’t read the book, so I have nothing to compare it to, which might be a good thing.  I enjoyed the romance and I appreciate that there wasn’t a love triangle to deal with.  Did I cry?  Of course I did!

The Help – I am ashamed to say that I never read the book or watch the movie.  Hubby gifted this movie to me this Christmas and I don’t know why it took so long for me to watch it.  You know that you’ve watched something great when it sticks with you for days and days after the ending. That’s how I felt with this movie.  The plot was heartbreaking and bittersweet and the acting was sublime.  It definitely deserved all the hype it got at the Oscars a couple of years ago.  

Lincoln – Hubby and I went to see this one a few weeks back and it was good. Now, don’t think that this one was a light movie, not at all.  This movie is long, but it didn’t feel too long because I was fascinated.  Daniel Day-Lewis is an amazing actor and it deserves all the nominations and award that it got.  I’ve always liked history and time period movies (and documentaries), so this one was right up my alley.

Skyfall - I haven’t always been a James Bond fan, but rather started watching these movies when Pierce Brosnan became the handsome British spy.  I have to say that Daniel Craig makes an awesome spy and it’s one of my favorites.  This movie was amazing.  It’s dark, but not as bad as his previous two.  It’s packed with action, but also with the realization that both “M” and James are getting old.  Javier Bardiem is a really good bad guy; he’s demented, crazy, evil and has a private vendetta that knows no bounds.  We also get to see a little bit of James’ past, and I love that.  Oh, and of course the song is awesome!

Lincoln, Vampire Slayer – Again, I have to start by saying that I haven’t read this book.  I do have it because my cousin’s wife recommended it to me, but never got to it.  Of course, this is a fictional movie based on Lincoln’s life, but still it was fascinating. 

Warm Bodies – Lastly, I ‘A’, ‘B’ and I went to see Warm Bodies yesterday.  This was a really cute movie and very different to other ‘zombie’ movies, series, or books.  How? You might ask… well, it starts eight years after the zombie apocalypse and it focuses on the cure, rather than on the killing.  It’s more positive and I can’t help but love it!

I might be doing this more often, since hubby loves movies (not all of them are my cup of tea though), but if he can watch a chick flick with me I certainly can watch a bloody movie, it’s all about compromise :)

Have you watch any of these?  Have you read the books that some of these were based on?  Are you a fan of Nicholas Sparks?  James Bond?  A history buff? 


  1. I'm ashamed to say that the only movie on that list that I have seen is The Last Song and I cried like a baby in the books, not so much the movie (can't get pass my dislike for Miley's acting).

  2. Haha, I totally get what you mean about compromising. My boyfriend is awesome enough to endure all my Disney movies, so I can watch something gory, bloody and scary now and then.

    I'm also guilty on pinking tears away when I read Spark's his books or his movies. The notebook.. It's such a beautiful story, but I always end up feeling sad, haha.

    Abraham Lincoln Vampire slayer is a movie I can't wait to see.


    1. I cried like a baby when I say The Notebook and also when I read A Walk to Remember. I don't mind crying as long as it's worth it :)

  3. I really want to watch Warm Bodies, sounds fun!


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