Monday, December 9, 2013

Top 3 of the Week #4

Hi there gorgeous people!  I thought it would be fun to share with you a little bit more of what goes on with my life and thus, I plan to have this My Top Three This Week with you regularly (as the name implies, at least weekly).

Brownies, Vanilla cake with white chocolate frosting, Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and Coconut cake with cream cheese frosting 

1.  Holiday baking - This year I decided not to bake my Christmas cookies.  Not only did I now have the time (we are traveling soon), but it's a big expense and I end up being so tired, I'm not even fit for company until three days after. Instead I baked mini brownies and cakes (chocolate, coconut, and vanilla). 

2.  Holiday shopping for the Boys (A, B and C) - Shopping now that we have children of so diverse ages (18, 13 and 8) is getting complicated.  Who knew that there were so different many gadgets, headphones, games, type of shoes or pants!  I sure am glad for C, who is still eight and believes in Christmas Magic.

3.  Holiday shopping for hubby - Why is this so hard?  I have no problem telling him or any one else for that matter, what I want.  However, when I ask hubby the answer is usually "nothing", "I have everything I need", "that you would stop spending money" (not happening cielo!).  Other than movies, he is a really hard person to buy for!  

Do you bake for the holidays? Are you in the receiving end of the baking instead?  Is your shopping all done?  Is your hubby/significant other easier to gift for than mine? 

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  1. Hey, your twitter account has been tweeting weight loss spam for a couple days now. You might wanna change your password and delete that junk.


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