Monday, March 17, 2014

Discussion: Besides Reading, What do you do?

We all love books.  After all, you’re reading this post from a book blog :)  But we also have other passions / interests / things we love.  Here are some of mine:

Family and Friends – As you might recall, my hubby is in the military.  The military life is very difficult; we are often by ourselves, we have to re-locate, and be very resourceful (why is it that everything breaks when hubby's not here?).  However, this makes my immediate family (hubby and three boys) a very close group, more responsible and adaptable.  I LOVE you guys!

For the reasons stated above, friends become extended family.  Even if they also move (if in the military), now it’s very easy to keep in touch.  This is the group of friends that I can rely on for anything!

Work – I work for a big health system that originated in Baltimore and I love what I do.  I have a bachelors in health information management, and two masters, one in human resources and a second in healthcare administration, and a graduate certificate in healthcare informatics (what can I say? I love school!)  I don’t want to go into all the details about that, but I’m grateful for my job and the fact that I look forward to getting to my office every day.

Baking – Another thing that I enjoy is baking.  It’s relaxing to me and I love tweaking recipes and come up with new ones.  I’m no expert decorating, something I hope to improve upon, but it sure tastes good!

Greeting Cards / Bookmarks Crafts – My sister is the master at scrapbooking, but I’m horrible at taking pictures.  Instead, she’s taught me enough for me to be able to make greeting cards and bookmarks.  These things are more useful to me!

Music – I really like to listen to music, but since my first language is Spanish, most of the music I listen to is in Spanish too.  That’s not to say that I don’t listen to the radio (after all I have two teenagers!), but if given the choice, I gravitate to what I love and it’s more familiar to me.

What do you like to do besides reading?  Do we share any interests?  Travel? Music? Parties?  


  1. Ooh you're crafty! I'm not so crafty. I can only cook or bake if there are only 5 steps heh. I like to watch TV with the hub, and of course there's work. Oh and my hubby is in the military too, but he's National Guard so we don't have to move around due to that. So we sort of a little bit have stuff in common heh.

    1. We sure do have things in common. I'm not that crafty, but I do enjoy it :)

  2. I used to like to bake, now I just like to eat what others bake. I'm not a crafty person like you, so no artwork of any kind. I tried scrap booking and stopped. Now I have a bunch of scrapbook stuff!

    One thing that is consistent is I love games. I love word games, rpg games, puzzle games, fps games.

    I work too, but only part time. I'm sitting here in awe of the amount of education you have had. I still have nightmares about college. masters for me! At least not any time soon.

    1. Nightmares about college! I really like school, I'm not sure why. I'm not too big on games, but I do enjoy dominoes and Scrabble :)


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