Saturday, July 13, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 6

Describe How You Shop for Books

I had a similar post about this topic that you can find here. Basically, there is no reason to my madness.  Let me demonstrate:

  • I buy audio books from Audible
  • I buy (and get freebies) from Amazon for my Kindle Fire and the Kindle app for iPad
  • I buy books from Books-A-Million (I still miss Borders!) both at the store and on-line as I get free shipping
  • I buy books at Target or Walmart when possible 

Of course, I have a HUGE TBR list in Goodreads to keep track of books that I discover and I want to read, plus a wishlist in Amazon to keep track of the books that I would like to get for Kindle.  One of my favorite memes is Waiting on Wednesday because I get to see what other bloggers are eagerly waiting for and also I explore catalogs and listopia in Goodreads.

That's all I can think for right now. 

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